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Flu clinics 2020/2021

To find out who is eligible visit

As the focus on Covid-19 approaches it’s anniversary in the next few months it is becoming clear the flu virus refuses to take a back seat. In fact the H1N1 strain, more commonly known as ‘swine flu’ has been circulating and predominantly affecting members of the population at the opposite end to Covid-19, that is healthy children. In fact, figures for the UK indicate that children are more likely to become infected with the flu virus. Furthermore, more than 80% of young children were perfectly fit and healthy with no underlying health problems before catching the virus.

As a surgery we are continually monitoring health trends for the well-being of our patients. We have noticed a lower uptake of flu vaccination for children who are eligible for the jab which means that they remain vulnerable to infection with flu over the approaching winter.

In fact, the flu vaccination is most effective in this age group. So, your child will have a lower chance of catching flu and if they are unfortunate enough to be infected the symptoms are likely to be much less severe. We would therefore encourage parents of children who are eligible for the flu vaccination to make arrangements for vaccination. This includes children aged 2 or 3 years old as at 31st August 2020 and any older children who have a condition that makes them 'at risk', all other children should be vaccinated in schools. If you are uncertain if your child is eligible to have their vaccination done in the Surgery, please contact us.

We now have the 'go ahead' to invite the new cohort of patients aged 50 - 64 years old without a condition that would usually place them in the eligible for flu vaccination group. You should be receiving your letters any day now. Please click here for more information on how, when and why we are running our clinics differently this year. Our dedicated flu email address is:

When will I receive my invitation letter?

We are going to inviting different categories of patients in priority order so that the most ‘at risk’ get invited in first. Patients will start receiving letters in September and then throughout October with the final cohorts getting their letters in November. If you are over 65 or in an ‘at risk group’ and have not had a letter by the end of October, please contact the Surgery on our dedicated flu email - and we will add your name to a list for mop up clinics.

How do I make my appointment?

You can book an appointment as soon as you get your letter, you will need to bring your letter with you on the day as it has your own personal barcode on it that we will need to add the flu vaccination to your record after the clinic finishes that day. The Clinician vaccinating you will not have access to the computer during the clinic.

When are the flu clinic’s running?

We will be running dedicated flu clinics at differing times most weekdays from 8.30 – 18.00. Most of the clinics will be carried out in a Gazebo in the Devon Road Surgery carpark.

What will happen when I arrive?

  1. Please access your flu appointment by entering the Surgery via a door on the Millstone Close.
    *This is not the main entrance, but a door further along Millstone Close just before you get to the Car park*.
    If you cannot manage the small step or are in a wheelchair, please come round to the gazebo via the car park entrance
  2. Use the alcohol gel to sanitise your hands and wait in this corridor until you are called. Please ensure you maintain at least 1m distance and that you are wearing a face covering.
  3. You will be taken through to the gazebo where you should be ready to expose your shoulder for the vaccination to be given.
  4. Please give your barcoded letter to the Clinician who is vaccinating you.
  5. After a few short questions, the Clinician will administer the vaccination to you
  6. You exit through the back or side of the gazebo and out of the carpark
  7. Please do not come if you are unwell or showing any possible symptoms of coronavirus

How is this different to normal?

  • Please do not try and access the flu clinic via the main entrance. It is important that we keep the passage of patients attending the flu clinic separate and we have a strict in and out route.
  • We are using an appointment system to limit the numbers of patients in the building and/or waiting to ensure social distancing can take place.
  • Please do not attend without an appointment.
  • Please wear a face covering, tell us if you are exempt when you arrive.
  • You MUST bring your letter with the barcode, without it we will not be able to vaccinate you and you will be asked to book another appointment and get your letter. If you have lost your letter, please contact us at the surgery by phone and we can arrange to get another printed off for you.

How long will it take?

The vaccination takes seconds and we would not expect you to be in the clinic for any longer than 2-3 minutes, we are hoping that you will not have to queue but if you do, then this needs to be socially distanced going down the small corridor, back out onto Millstone Close and then right towards our Car Park.

Will I just be offered my flu vaccination?

Yes, unfortunately there will not be the time to do anything other than give the flu vaccination so please do not ask about or try to discuss anything else during your appointment. We don’t want queues to develop and remember, clinicians won’t have access to your record on the computer. If you are due any other vaccinations, please call the Surgery to book separately for these with our nurses.

What do I do after I’ve had my vaccination?

Most patients can leave the site immediately; however, in some cases the Clinician may ask patients to remain on the premises for a short while if it is there first time of having the vaccination or if they feel faint, then a seat will be provided for them to sit do

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